Soul:ution! First time Belgium in five years.

No more need to go drive on the wrong side of the road to see these heroes! For the first time in five years the highly acclaimed Soul:r label is coming to Belgium to bring their legendary Soul:ution night to Forest Festival. This is only their second time ever in our country.

Soul:r is Marcus Intelex‘s label on which heaps of top notch Drum’n'Bass has been released. The man wil hate us for saying it, but he kind of introduced the world to liquid drum’n'bass. That was years ago, now they’re still on the cutting edge of future beats as they sign new artists like Dub Phizix. This guy is currently on a roll like no other since the release of ‘Marka’ a mighty hot dubstep-ish track that even got airplay on Studio Brussel. Lately he’s been remixing Skittles and has a new release on Soul:r itself. Together with these hotshots Soul:ution will bring Lynx and Presha. Another two  highly acclaimed drum’n'bass heads who have blown up Soul:ution nights all over the UK. And to top all this madness off DRS will provide his iconic Manchester brok’n'English MC skills.

So in conclusion we predict that the average mood in the Swamp area on saturday wil be: Mental!

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