Forest Festival 2014: Presented by Ronken & Bonken

Ronken & Bonken joins the set

This year it’s our twelfth edition!

For over the years Forest has slowly grown, always tweaking and improving small details and thus improving year after year.
We are proud to say that by now we created a festival with an Heart and a Soul,
providing our partycrashers with quality underground music drenched in a cozy summer chilled atmosphere.
Forest became an alternative electronic festival for an affordable price which is still standing strong against all the big commercial festivals.

For us, it has been a blast, it has been a thrill, leaving us only good memories.
So it’s with a big smile we announce to you that the Forest Festival Crew is about to retire…

In the name of the Forest Crew towards all Volunteers & Party-Animals over all those years: THANKS TO YOU ALL!
You made it all worth while. Your support makes Forest a festival to be remembered by, especially by us.

BUT off course we can’t let our baby die out so we proudly present you our Forest Festival locals: “Ronken & Bonken”!
They have been partying out at our festival like crazy for over the past years creating a special vibe on our festival.
So in return they take over the set and bring you an even more amazing festival this summer.
Little things will be different, some things will be improved but it’s 100 % sure that “Ronken & Bonken” will keep Forest Festival alive and kicking.

Keep an eye on our facebook and website as shortly the first headliners will be unleashed!


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