Sweet Trade

“Sweet Trade, the gateway to Belgian finest beat entertainment.”
Stubborn, off the hook but at the same time powerful, devoted and influential.

Born as an event company -the result of a collaboration between ‘KlanK’ and ‘Inborn’- Sweet Trade’s party concept ‘Feestgedruis‘ found out that there is a better way of pumping beats into the heart of the Belgian underground scene.

Driven by a strong sense of passion and devotion we therefore organise festivities that are characterized by blinding decorations and quality music, all wrapped up within a special theme. To succeed our goal we align with competent sound and decoration teams.

Musical support we get from a well experienced crew of national and international artists. The main idea of Feestgedruis is to create a magical atmosphere where ears are pleased, eyes are spoiled and souls are touched. The result fills us with pride. After three years we have conquered the hearts of crowds in clubs and venues everywhere in Belgium. Feestgedruis and our side projects (Les Brigands, Frivolous Fridays & Thé Dansant) have become the Belgian norm for a good night out.

Over the past few months Feestgedruis has evolved into Sweet Trade. Today we are not only an event company but also a booking and label agency. The purpose of this makeover is to form a decisive and influential platform for electronic music and entertainment in Belgium. Our project is ambitious, with a focus on worldwide exposure. Our goal is two folded.

First of all we want to act as a springboard for young talented artists. By offering them opportunities to perform and produce on regularly basis we want conduct them with their musical career. Beside taking care of the bookings and productions, we also encourage them and help them to grow, musically and professionally. Most important is to create artists with a soul instead of money seeking machines.

Our second goal is to place Belgium on the map of the international electronic music scene. By spreading out Belgian finest tunes we want to show that our tiny country is offering more than chocolates and beer. Everything that moves your feet and touches your soul you will find at Sweet Trade, from house, tech-house till minimal techno. Although we have a wide variety of styles you always will hear the signature of Sweet Trade.