• Forest 2013 Cropped

    The 2013 Edition

    • 2012 Cropped

      The 10th Anniversary Edition.

      • 2011

        For the first time we introduced the concept of having labels host an area with their preferred artists, which brought a total fresh taste to the line up.

        Something the people at the Red Bull Elektropedia Award must have noticed as we were nominated as best festival together with huge names like Dour, 10 Days Off, I love Techno and Tomorrowland, who eventually won.
        It was either that or the fact that for the first time Forest was held under the complete legality of a VZW which we named VZW Klankwerk. Also in the background new people came in to the organizational team and a proper structure arose, of which our parents could finally approve. Damn!

        Weather-wise, again not our finest year. It was overall shitty, plus, two weeks before, there was the disastrous Pukkelpop hurricane, which marked a sad year for all Belgian festivals.

        Nevertheless as always the real fans came out to jiggle and shuffle to the beats of 60 artists in our four areas: Forest, Swamp, Woodland and Fungi.

        The artists: Jeks, Koodoo, Psytox, Gols, Tom Dazing, Massimo Girardi, Merrec, Drop!u!, Future Line, Trap, Tyson, Devnik, Dephanx, MC Multiplex, VJ Tashtec, OMGWTF aka Alchemyst, Dusk Creator, Saviour, Grimelock, Bunzer0, DJ Majix, Kinkle, Gamma GT, Nerveux, Nasty Bartender, MacDict b2b Massaar, Fubar, T-O, Soul Shakers, Balkan Hotsteppers, Jensen & Bugsy, Cheap Charly Men, San Soda Live, Raoul Belmans, Jack & Jazz, VJs Dizzy & Woozy, Viktor Bodrovski, Steve Cop, Tomaz, Rave Our Souls, Spacid, Stoornis, VJ Daxx, Alert, MC Mush, Cause 4 Concern (UK), CRUCIFIX, Hidious, Hookerz ft. MC Nice, Iridium, Speedwagon, STYKZ, i1x vs Reynz, The Owl Jolsons, Boppin Benvis Brothers, Dj Dunya.

        Ticket prices were: €15 for one day and €30 for two days with camping.

        • Artist_focus_2010

          2010 was the last time we had the festival for three days. It went on from 13 to 15 august.

          Areas got their definitive names: Forest, Swamp and Woodland. As for the weather it was probably our worst year so far. According to the weather reports, in our area it had rained more on our last day than it had in the last 50 years.

          Nevertheless the festival featured some 50 DJs, more specifically these:
          Jeks, Bugsy (What’s Cookin’?), Tom Dazing, Soulphonic, Sorgenkint (DE), Xeeder, Jack ‘n Jazz (What’s Cookin’?), Don Santos, Tecnum, Massaar, Die-clique, Ben & Karbie, Manuxx, mtbc…., Merdan Taplak, Balkan Hotsteppers, Dunya, Hapu & Soj (NL), Bunzero, Ganja White Night, Matar, Madrugado, Gaspa, Gaz, Monba, Geile Gleuf Maddefakkers, Tsiganisation Project, Soul Shakers, Desperado,mtbc, Bender & vj Skuff, Estatik, Vyron & Devnik (NL), Hookerz, Syntopia, Groover & vj Elmo, Dephanx (Strike Back- NL), Shapezzz (Strike Back-NL), Future Line (Strike Back-NL), MC Mulitplex (Utreg Massive – NL), MC NoiA (Adubt / Strike Back- NL), Nitwits (Nitrous & I-witness), Goldorak & Solpher, Echo Virus.

          • Artist_focus_2009

            Forest took three days from 7 to 9 august in three areas: The main, the Swamp and Lil Forest.

            Genres were house, reggea, ska, rockabilly, minimal, breakz, dub, drum ‘n bass.
            A day ticket set you back €10 and three day tickets with camping were sold at €20

            Some of the DJs: DJ Prinz, Tom Dazing, Jèks, Bugsy, Stevie P, Gols, Tecnum, Gecko, Big Hair, X&Trick, Deejay Delta & Anna Lua, Hookerz & V-Gaz, Strike Out Crew, June Miller, Trish, Fred Nasen, Seba Lecompte, Melany Bramley, Misucc vs Minus E, Duo-Tone.

            • Artist_focus_2008

              In 2008 the festival went on for three days from 14 till the 16th in two areas, and true to the real raving spirit there was an afterparty on a secret location 4km from the festival site, with free bus connection back and forth.

              Paul Chambers, Tom Dazing, Soul Phonic, Kenny Raw, Jeks, Echovirus, System -D, Mercredi, Joey Payne, Pete V Cole, alert & Crucifix, Off!ce Crew, Hookerz&V-gaz, D-mi3, Holyfeet, Christian Thomaz, Feso, 808SNKRHDZ, Local Madness, Pete Howl, Soulcircus aka Bugsy, Rest In Beatz, Rolling Maffia, D-convict & Wasp, X&trick, Die Clique, Mario Le Blanc, Nonvio, Pura Vida Productions, Heliopauze, Anouk Weber, Szymon & Sixty69Nine, Tecnum, Manuxx, Ezus, Etnik, Scypus

              Tickets presale:
              20€ = 3days (free camping+2nights bus to secret spot+2nights entrance @ indoor 4km from festivalground)
              10€ = dayticket

              • Artist_focus_2007

                Five years Forest festival!
                Something we had to celebrate, and celebrating we did. With over 50 DJs and, yes indeed, live bands, we had an epic edition. And almost killed the festival in te process. As we were young and foolish we threw too much money at our line up and didn’t get as many visitors as hoped for. Which is the perfect recipe for a deadly cocktail. But hey, lesson learned, and as you know, we’re still here and had a great time anyways.

                The weather was great and the tickets cheap.
                €10 bought one day and €25 gave you the whole shebang of three days with camping and a busride to the afterparty on a secret location.

                Genres ranged all the way from House, techno, minimal, breaks, Drum’n'bass, to soul, ska, funk, and Jazz.

                These were the artists and bands:
                Absolut Groovety, Callèz live, Biotech, Missteak, Manuxx, Axuma, D-Convict & Wasp, Rastronauts,
                Trish VanEynde, Bass-X & Szymon, K_os, Madscat, Tom Hades, Smos & Baby Bee, Jex, Pura Vida,
                Christian Thomaz, Windub, Office Crew, Franco Cangelli, The Seven Laws of Woo, System-D,
                Bremzy, Cole, Garland (Groove Grocery), Lady Lite & mc Mary Jane, Pete V, Fred Nasen,
                TurnTableDubbers, Iridium, Cekezz & D-josz, Redhead, Colorless green ideas, X&trick,
                Soulphonic, E-phonk, JayLee, Pura vida productionz, KASTOR , The splifftones, Lo-renz, FESO, DJ
                Mate & Goony, Horny Horses, D-im3, Seba Lecompte, Undefined, Rigital&Digital, Bugsy & Jensen,
                Echovirus & Tito, Café Con Leche, JnB & T-O live

                • Artist_focus_2006

                  Our fourth edition. Two days with two and a half areas and an afterparty on a secret location with a bus traveling back and forth.

                  Redhead, Arkanoid, Soulraver, Ep&Taylor, YoungDirtyBastards, Rigital&Digital, The Dynamic Bros, Jex, Bugsy&Jensen, D-convict, Lola, Miss Elorak, Free, Goldorak, Kuylo, Sifaka, Manuxx, Oxidizer, The Unpronoucables live, Aurex

                  Tickets: €10 for one day, €15 for two days.

                  • Artist_focus_2005

                    The third edition was a two day festival held on the soccer terrain where we now have an artist parking and volunteer camping. Our “indoor afterparty location” was actually the soccer club’s canteen where we now have our artist lounge.

                    For the price of €8 you could dance to the sound of these DJs: Redhead, Arkanoid, Free, Y.D.B.(uk), Ed&Taylor(uk), Kuylo, Decoleo, Miss Elorak, D-Convict, Bugsy&Jensen, Sifaka, Lola, Brainzzz & Subtronic, Christian Thomasz, Szymon, Jex, Rigital&Digital, Manuxx, Mobi, Soulraver (fr), Unpronouncables (live), Aurex (live), Oxidizer.

                    • Artist_focus_2004

                      Third time’s a charm. From now on everyone was convinced we would stick around.

                      Unchanged formula: same location, same price, 2 days. But more Dj’s and therefore a second stage. The Swamp area introduced breaks and Drum’n'Bass to the festival.
                      Meanwhile in the communication department technology was kicking in. We moved online! users.pandora.be/Forestfestival (Don’t bother, it died a long time ago)

                      DJs: MikeThompson, Alain Faber, Jensen, Jeks, Vector, Manuxx, Joeri, JoskoBoxxo, Bugsy, Pete V, Ward, Tiresz, Sifaka, Soulraver, MacHarris, Lolo, Thomasz Christian, Parkcruiser, Acrid, Echo, Skillzophrenia (live), PnoT, Gäsp:R, ILLmatic, E-motion, Decoleo, Kemiko Surimi, Cyclamic.

                      Tickets: €5 one day, €10 two days.

                      • Artist_focus_2003

                        Because of the success of the elements party we gave the year before, we decided to start something in the genreal direction of a festival. We unanimously decided to keep doing this and immediately jump to a two day experience.
                        After more or less trashing the local school with that party we moved to our current location, the soccer terrain of the Stormvogels of Papegem. Yet we didn’t call ourselves festival yet, but for some strange reason: pump. In retrospect a pump of life, music and odd names.

                        Without a website the presale was done over the phone. Yes already a mobile phone, probably a Nokia 3310. A one day ticket was just €5 and two days a mere €10. We don’t even want to know how much a beer was back than.

                        Mike Thompson, Kash, Sub7, Jeks, Manuxx, JoskoBoxxo, Sifaka, Soulraver, Parkcruiser, MacHarris, Fisher, Acrid, Bugsy, T-Recloose, Ward.