We’re well on our way into day 2 of Forest 2012! A huge thanks to everyone who came out to party hard yesterday! We had a blast, and seeing from the pictures, you did too. Big Up! Special thanks to the people of We Play House and Lady Linn for the delightful surprise act! Also tons of respect to BTK who decided in the heat of the moment he wanted to DJ the entire afterparty till 6 o’clock. Give that man a statue! Fun fact: Maldini from Bad Company was no where to be found when we had to drive him back to the hotel, just to find him back a couple of hours later, partying hard to the sounds of BTK. Nice one!

Today we already enjoyed each of the contest winners. Very tights sets! We wish them godspeed with all their future endeavors. Keep your eyes peeled for these young lions: Tweakers, Sophics and Rupert Harvey. Tonight Ketaloco, Soul:ution and Warriorz kicked of their stage and the crowd is already well in the zone. To all people reading this, you probably should be moving that party ass of yours over here, and let our bass canon kick it!


Check the pics of yesterday:

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