Since heavy partying is a tough and dirty job, the camping gets a major upgrade in terms of showers, toilets and breakfast. No more involuntary stinking on this festival, ladies. As you set your tent on the tender grass of the forest camping you will notice the idyllic, scenic landscape, and find yourself wondering: “How can a wild nature camping experience like this be yet so luxurious? What was I thinking when I decided to leave my conditioner and body lotion at home, there’s plenty of shower and washing spaces over here.”

Whether you stay one day or two days, the camping only costs €10. (Click here to buy tickets)

The camping site is just behind the festival area. Maximum 100m from your tent to the area entrance. As for sound, all speakers are turned away from the camping so you’ll sleep like a baby.

Our Camping rules:

  • Campers may arrive on Friday, August 1st at 14:00 and must vacate the camping area by Sunday, August 3th at 14:00.
  • Camping is allowed in the designated field, as a favor by the local farmer, so any abuse of this field and surrounding fields will jeopardize the existence of Forest Festival.
  • No campfires or BBQ are allowed. Designated BBQ-zone is provided. Just bring coal and meat.
  • For your own safety, keep all emergency passages an exists clear at all times.
  • No Vehicles allowed on the camping area.
  • Glass, drugs, and weapons are strictly forbidden.
  • No sprays allowed. (Deo, …)
  • Camping gaz is allowed.
  • No animals are allowed.
  • You may only bring a reasonable amount of alcohol. (Alcohol: Max. 3 Liter, Non-Alcoholic: Unimited)
  • Camping is at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for accidents and theft, so please don’t bring any expensive materials.
  • Clean campsites: All campers will receive garbage bags upon entering the camping grounds. For your convenience dumpsites and trash barrels will be located throughout the campgrounds.
  • Have a great time!