Broken Music will wreck it up

We don’t expect to have much left of our Swamp area after Broken Music tore it apart, but boy, are we looking forward to this!

Broken is fairly new to the scene, but in one year, Broken unleased Requake, Brownz, Le Cousin, CJ Bolland, Syndaesia and Bloodfire, and 2013 we’ll see Colonel Up & Mister Down, as well as Nerva & Mathco, Masoombo Bass and lots more surface. So grab onto your sock as they host our Swamp area on Saturday.

First name is a newborn talent from the UK, highly praised all over. His name: Boy Kid Cloud. Hearing his sometimes sensitive or poppy dubstep may make you think he’s in it for the ladies, but make no mistake. This womenizer comes packed with production value which earned him great respect.  So watch out for his destructive beats flavoured with sensitive melodies ‘n bleepz.








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