LineUp Broken Music

‘Broken Music’ Full Line Up

Already announced, Boy Kid Cloud a newborn talent from the UK, highly praised all over.
Watch out for his destructive beats flavoured with sensitive melodies ‘n bleepz.

Also from the UK we are glad to announce Stööki Sound!
All the gigs they played lately were totally on fire, so we just can’t wait to see what they have in store for you!

Getting bigger ‘n bigger in Belgium: Nerva & Mathco

Tits & Beats combined with Attitude & Skills, straight out of belgium: Harmony!

In the trap section we have some upcoming artists in store for you:
UK well acclaimed Massappeals will bring you his newest sounds.
From Belgium, Houcemate will tune in!

Promoting upcoming Belgian talent Broken Music brings you the Ghent bases collective Red Eyes and the Brussels duo Colonel Up & Mister Down

We don’t expect to have much left of our Swamp area after Broken Music tore it apart, but boy, are we looking forward to this!

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