malika maria

VJ Malika Maria

WHEN ART AND MUSIC BECOME ONE. For the love of techno music.
Live your passion as I live mine.
Because my chaos breaths inspiration

At the end we’re all just animals. Amazed by the dark feelings of human beings, I point out the obsessions and addictions we all carry inside us. We watch horror movies but when we look around us the world often looks like such movies. How far can I go as a video artist and how far can you take it as a viewer?

By it I mean the video’s I make, the subjects I’m interested in, and show in my work. How deep those subjects can go or how they play into the minds of the public.How far can they go, and until what point can they appreciate it. Actually I see my video’s as a sort of mind games

Art should be everything and at the end nothing. I don’t see art and life as two different things,they are one. Music is the source of everything I create, sometimes you need the take the things as they are. It is what it is.
Stop questioning everything.

Color and chaos will always be the two things that characterize my work the most. Positivism is my motive in the things I realize
No negativity, only a positive vibe.
But underneath that there is always a sense of darkness.
Darkness stands for a way of living, by darkness I mean the music I listen to ,the thoughts I have about things & people. It’s a way of thinking that involves obscure things.
By those things, that we carry all inside us as human beings,
I receive a kind of energy through that sense of feeling.
Have you ever been to the dark side?If not feel welcome…