Stevie P

When you combine musical knowledge, skills and dedication you get an interesting combination that sooner or later will turn things into gold.
This is just what you get when you put Stevie P behind turntables or in the studio.

Mastering the craft like the pioneers of Techno he so much enjoys, Stevie P loves to spin long vinyl sets with a touch of oldschool.
Artists like Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Richie Hawtin and DJ Bone have been a longtime inspiration and still play a sonical role in Stevie’s music today.

Being seen as one of Belgium’s artists to keep an eye on Stevie has been putting a lot of effort into working in his studio.
Releasing his first EP in 2008, now 6 years later, he is ready to put his name next to those of the big boys.

After one year of silence he will release an EP on the Belgian Coincidence Records which already is receiving massive support from all major DJ’s around the globe.
With more tracks ready to be released on some major labels Stevie P is ready to show everyone what he’s all about.