Prisma & Nemesis

Nemesis started playing drum & bass in 2011, a time in which the more obvious drum & bass sounds were still dominating Leuven, he was the first newcomer to play the deeper, truer side of drum & bass straightaway, without compromises.
And with success: in only a matter of time he got noticed and applauded by some of Belgium?s most respected DJs for his original selection and tight mixes, which got him to play at nice parties like Steam XL with Klute and Dom&Roland fairly early in his career.
Carrying a selection of the biggest classics and the best new stuff, the future is looking bright for Nemesis!

Prisma got hooked on drum&bass in 2009, thanks to belgian dj-duo The Nitwits. These guys, as well as dj’s Friction, Cyantific, Tesla, Hookerz, Alert and One87, have had a huge influence on his mixing. Having such a great passion for drum & bass and the vibes it can bring to a party, mixing records myself was a matter of course. I bought my very first set of decks in august 2011. Playing in front of a crowd, I will always try to include different sub-genres of drum & bass in my set.
Finding the perfect balance between education and straight forward party tunes while maintaining the flow in my mix.
He already shared lineups with: Lenzman, dBridge, Break, Icicle, Alix Perez, Spectrasoul, Rockwell, Jubei, Enei, Optiv & BTK, Skeptical, Black Sun Empire, Survival, Nickbee, Ant TC1, June Miller, Emperor, B-Complex, Amoss, Hyroglifics, One87, Hookerz, … and played at events such as Outlook Launch Parties in Brussels and Hasselt, Steam XL, Conform, …

These Leuven based dj’s will double up to show of their fresh talents!