Ode Maen

The curtain went up fast for this young man. Ode Maen aka Ode Maddelein got in touch with dj’ing before he was fully geared up. But, instead of panicking the youngster started to dig diligently into an unknown world, on a search for his musical ethos.

First influenced by the nineties, techno & progressive, that almost crossed the borders of well-known radio hits to more deeper, darker, minimalistic & psychedelic sounds. Beside that he also drew inspiration from travels to Holland, Germany, Spain, Portugal and more.

While most students spend their time at university, Ode immersed himself into producing electronic music. At the age of 19 he finished an audio course at the SAE institute in Brussels. It was time to come up with his own productions and fully self made live set.

In 2010 Ode started to collaborate with Tom, the captain of his future agency and residency, Sweet Trade/Feestgedruis. Heavily involved with heart and soul the collaboration flourished. It brought him to stages of Extrema festival, ADE, Café d’Anvers, The Wood, La Rocca and of course the well known Feestgedruis festivities.

As we speak Ode is working on a more organic minimal techno vibe. The ultimate purpose is to combine sound with movement. “Without movement, there’s no life”, he acclaims. Building up tunes with a skeleton of drums Ode aims to incorporate a sonic finesse to his energetic drum patterns. Still searching to put an decisive mark on his sound he seems ready to be recognized by tons of dance floor lovers. The constant urge, to deliver the highest quality, makes Ode a passionate young man who undoubtedly will get very far.