Joey Payne

It all started in his youth. At his fathers bar that little boy only wanted to be behind the dj booth and play music for the crowd. Already at that young age Joey Payne felt that music was going to be important in his futher life. Playing at local clubs, at a older age, made him feel great.. as the crowd was dancing, smiling and shouting on his music. People all around were getting to know his name. The small cozy clubs soon evolved into bigger clubs and festivals.

The mind of Joey works just like a rodeo. He has so many thoughts that go from left to right. The idea’s he has about music just pop up even when he’s scrubbing in the shower, giving food to his cat, running for the train (that already left minutes ago).. Well let just say at any time of the day. ‘Music explosions wanting to get out’, that’s why producing is a must for him as an artist. Being able to play his own tracks during a gig makes him feel approved and useful for this society. For Joey Payne the current way of society’s normal life is not the way he wants to live his life. For him is doing something you really want to do, instead of doing what you are told, is what being an artist is all about for him.

Joey Payne has already achieved some great things in just a couple of years. He got discovered by DJ Prinz (Push it Records). Because of his good performances all around he got the chance to hook up with the pirates of Feestgedruis. They made him a little wilder then before by learning the pirate way of the outgoing life in Belgium. Atmosphere Records agency was the next level. He joined them to become a better producer. Jochem Peterson showed him ways to create a sound that would fit him better.

In those couple of years until today Joey had the opportunity to play at several venues and festivals like .. Tomorrowland, Studio 80 (Amsterdam), ADE, Café D’Anvers, La Rocca, Ockxfest Festival, Thé Dansant, Tribes Gathering, Laundry Day, Crystal Tours Festival (Corfu, Greece), Magic Mirrors (Brussel), The Place (Ibiza), Decadance, Noxx, Pacha Belgium, Eargasm Open Air Festival, Forest Festival, Cherry Moon, Kings club and many more…

Not only can you expect a lot of releases during the upcoming years. But this summer of 2013 he also started working on a live set, to let the people hear what he’s creating with that musical rodeo brain of his.

‘This young artist is just enjoying his life with musical needs evolving every year. Dreaming and working towards a fantastic future keeps him going to achieve his goal…’