Club Waanzin

Acid by ‘Waanzin’

Club Waanzin represents a close bunch of like-minded youngsters with the same goal:
To create a full-on experience sight and sound that not only pleasures the eye but also the ear.

Just by giving people a night of “waanzin” try to inspire the crowd to be free and fun.

Club Waanzin reflects how they really are, wiyh their our own decoration, thier own music and their own soundsystem.
They thrive to make every detail as personal and perfect as possible.
Waannzin not only stands for just one night of partying, but also to leave a mark on people’s life.
Be prepared for some massive acid!

They will bring Tankorr with them to bring you some homemade mental tekno.

They love what they do and we hope you do too in the Fungi Area on Friday night.


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