DJ Majix

Dj Majix is a young Brussels dj who started mixing in 2007.
With his addiction to bass, he started experimenting with different genres
en tries to convey that same experience on to his crowds.
He likes to combine the varieties of dubstep like grime, 2-step, garage with some more deepness.
He includes “forgotten classics” with newly released and unreleased tunes in his mixes.

He evolved from small home parties to a Brussels festival (where he’s been chosen by the audience as the winner of the ‘Bruksellive festival dj contest’), the Stainage party, Rotation Dubstep and many more
Shared line-ups with Terror Danjah (uk), Ikonika (uk), BunZer0, Grimelock, Science, Gaz, Dusk Creator, Chewy Chocolate Cookies (uk), Delta Heavy (uk), Brekbit, Point.Blank

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